Greyhound Travel Passes
Greyhound Travel Passes
Greyhound Travel Passes

Travel Passes

Greyhound Travel Passes offer choice, flexibility and freedom to explore Australia's diverse landscape. You've heard amazing stories of the reefs, rainforests, beaches, scenic routes, iconic wildlife and the red centre and you're looking for the ideal way to travel. Look no further, we have unlimited travel options with our Whimit pass, limited one-way travel with our Hop On Hop Off Pass and frequent traveller passes.


Sitting on top of the world
Let your heart wander and your travel plans follow, with Whimit. Unlimited coach travel that lets you explore Australia your way. Any route, any direction, for as long as your time allows. You could say it’s a form of time travel. Each Whimit pass is by day and not by distance or destination. It means you can do as much, go as far and be as adventurous as you want for as long as your pass allows. The only thing you need to ask yourself is how many days will you Whimit.

Hop On Hop Off

tropical island
This pass takes the time and guesswork out of planning your holiday with pre-selected extended journeys. Choose your journey and hop on and off our coaches as much as you like up to 90 days. Hop On Hop Off passes offer one-way travel, giving you time to explore lesser known towns along the way and places off the beaten track.

Commuter Pass

July Commuter Pass Deal, Free trips for frequent travellers
Are you a regular commuter or frequent traveller? Commuter Passes make life easier by giving you great value on coach trips when buying in bulk. Plus, if you buy a Commuter Pass in July, you’ll get extra trips for FREE!*